4 Major Reasons to Choose Music as a Career

Are you an upcoming artist and you really wish to take music as a career but you are hardly known by people? Or is it that no matter how much you try to make people hear what you do people never think to listen? Well, I’ll urge you not to lose hope because everything in this life happens according to time. 

 What is music?

Music can simply be defined as the combination of sounds and tunes which are pleasant and acceptable to the ear. What does this imply? This implies that the combination of sonorous sounds which are cool, okay and pleasant to the ear and widely accepted by the maximum number of people in the community you can follow this link have an insight of what I’m talking about.

 What is Noise? 

A noise can simply be defined as the unpleasant sound which is not acceptable for the ear. Noise is so unpleasant and irritating to the ear as it makes no sense to the ear. 

 4 major reasons to choose music as a career

Haven let us know the meaning and the difference between music and noise, I’ll hereby continue by letting us know the reasons why it’s better to take music as a career. 


  1. To know and to be known: – Nowadays, music is not just only based on talent; it’s all about whom you know and what you know about the business. Let’s take a look at the Afro-pop; there are lots of many talents in the street. Most of them even don’t know their future, some of them don’t even know if one day they will be known. But believe me, they have the talent and they have the voice. But the problem is that they literarily know nobody to push them forward and they also don’t have the money to make music just the way they want. These kinds of people are those that later on fall into the victim of false contracts with record labels. 


  1. To hold a place in the industry: – There are a whole lot of people in the music industry; those who are based in the local music and those that are based in the international flows. All these people are all at the same target and they are all aiming at the same goals but in a different manner. Therefore, at a point in time, there’ll be beef between each other to make a name and as well hold a place for them because everyone always wants to be on the top and everyone wants to be the boss. 


  1. Respect: – As we can see, we’ll realize that all these are quite interrelated. We all want to get respected as a musician or as an entertainer. When you are well known as a musician or as an entertainer you’ll be given the optimist respect by all your fans all over the world. 
  2. Icon: – As a musician or as an artist, you are an icon to the community; you are a figure and a role model to your fans at large, both at home and abroad. They’ll always want to hear from you, and if anything goes wrong, they’ll always want to know the reason why it may have happened. So music can make you a new being and turn you into a new life. You’ll end up being an ambassador to so many companies and people will always pray to be like you.

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