5 Enchanting Wildlife Parks near Chennai for Nature Lovers

The famous crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi was quoted saying, “I feel like I’m nothing without wildlife. They are the stars. I feel awkward without them.” This should be true for all of us because we are part of this vast ecosystem filled with big and small creatures. Over the years, humans have realized the importance of wildlife and how our actions affect this earth’s future. 

This led to countries dedicating time and money towards conserving the things we once destroyed. India’s culture shows a close relationship with the wild and continues to do its part for nature’s betterment. If you’re a nature lover visiting India, here are the 5 enchanting wildlife parks near Chennai you must explore. 

Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary 

Established back in 1967, the Point Calimere Sanctuary was declared as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Site. A natural coastal area in Tamil Nadu, this sanctuary was built to protect the endangered Blackbuck species. Now the wildlife park house over 250 species of birds. 

The most famous are the water bird species that travel from all over the world to reach these pristine waters. A visit to this wildlife park near Chennai will give you a rare visual of Flamingos perched across the shore.   

Guindy National Park 

You don’t need to leave Chennai to visit this green wonderland as it is the only wildlife park within the city limits. Once a game reserve, now this park is a protected area for rare flora and fauna species. You can get a glimpse at some beautiful but endangered animals like the Spotted Deer and White Buck. 

This national park in Chennai is also home to the last remnants of the dry tropical evergreen forest. Most of this evergreen forest was lost due to human interference. Within the park, there is a Snake Park and Children’s Park. The Snake Park is filled with unique reptiles like the King Cobra, pythons and vipers. The Children’s Park on the other hand has a plethora of animals and birds to amuse your children.  

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary 

This is the oldest bird sanctuary in India, developed way back in 1936. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary covers 30-hectares of land and attracts a number of migratory birds every year. You will see storks, Pelicans, Kingfishers, Swans, Spoonbills, Sandpipers and even Grey Wagtails nesting on the branches of the trees. 

The air is filled with melodious sounds from the many species of birds settled here. Visit this park during October and March, this is the migratory season for birds and most of them will be nesting at this sanctuary. 

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary 

This is one of the first forest ranges to be declared a national park dedicated to protect endangered flora and fauna. Tigers are found in abundance and hence this place is also referred to as the Tiger Reserve. Alongside the Western Ghats, this wildlife park near Chennaiis filled with Elephant Grass, a tall variety that grows up to 10 feet. 

As you venture in, you will find the giant variety of Bamboo along with teak and rosewood trees. It is also home to Panthers, Sambars, Mouse Deer, Barking Deer, Hyenas and many more. A total of 260 species of birds call this reserve home which is 8% of the recorded Indian bird species.   

Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary 

This wildlife park in Tamil Nadu is famous for housing a variety of peacock species roaming wild and free. The area is maddeningly green with beautiful meadows and rare species of flora. Most tourists visit this wildlife park near Chennai to get a glimpse at the rare Palawan Peacock also called Tandikan. Its mesmerizing colors and enchanting trot is truly a sight to behold. 

The state of Tamil Nadu is filled with marvelous parks to reconnect with nature and see rare species first hand. Now that you have a list of wildlife parks near Chennai to visit all that’s left is to pack those bags and book those tickets. Check out for the Indian Eagle best deals on last minute flights.  

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