5 Tips How to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

One of the most annoying and frustrating problems that are been experienced by most canon printer users.

Are you a canon printer user wondering how to fix your printer printing blank pages? Do not worry at all because you are on the right channel to get the perfect solution too whatever problem you are facing with your canon printer.

However, blank page printing error could be caused as a result of defected cartridges as well as a problem in the hardware. To cut to the chase real quick, in this article, I will be giving some tips that’ll be of use in fixing this kind of problem. 

5 Tips How to fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

This problem is very frustrating just like I said earlier but it can easily be fixed by following a few steps or better still it can as well be fixed by contacting the canon printer supportBe that as it may, in this article I’d be giving some 5 tips on how to fix canon printer printing blank pages.

  1. Run the print head cleaning device that is introduced on your PC. Practically the majority of the printer makers the product based utility that any printer clients can use to check, clean and realign the little Inkjets your printer uses to deliver the finished yield. On the off chance that you get clear spots or line on the printed pages when your Group printer is done, at that point it may be conceivable that a portion of these Inkjets is obstructed with paper dust, dried ink or different flotsam and jetsam. 


  1. Continue to the on-screen guidelines for the utility and use it to test, clean and adjust the print head. In this procedure, you should have different arrangements of pages accessible; it works by delivering a progression of vertical and level lines and inciting the client to look at the nature of the yield. It may take different procedures to clean the print head. 


  1. Produce an individual test print or attempt to distribute one of your archives to guarantee your printer is printing accurately. Cautiously check the printed pages for clear spots or contrasts in the shading quality. On the off chance that regardless you get the poor print quality or clear lines in the yield, you ought to and clean your printer. If conceivable, you can likewise supplant the cartridges. 


  1. Raise your Standard printer top to find the ink cartridges, and after that dispose of the plastic part that covers the print cartridges. Pull the cartridges to you, and afterward cautiously select up and take from the printer. Presently, set the cartridge as an afterthought. Try not to contact the metal sensor on the lower of the print cartridge.


  1. Check the inside piece of your canon printer, particularly space where the ink cartridges fit into your printer. If you discover any paper residue or dried ink, you can either utilize the cotton swab or a marginally sodden fabric to clean it all together.  

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