Ductless fume hoods

7 Reasons to Use Benchtop Ductless Fume hoods

Dutchless fume hoods are designed or made to save the user or worker and the environment from toxic vapors developed on the work surface. A down airflow is developed and toxic vapors are gathered via slits on the work surface.

Ductless fume hoods also called carbon-filtered enclosures or filtered fume hoods are self-contained with filtered laboratory enclosures that replace the toxic fumes, vapors, and particles from the laboratory. It is available at affordable costs and you can easily get it low prices.

The reasons for use benchtop dutchless fume hoods are:

  1. Economical

A ductless works does not affect the cost of heating and cooling because it is not important to force heated or cooled air out of the room and into the environment and also keeps it safe and secure. All this takes slot and money.

  1. Portable:

Dutchless fume hoods can be passed plus operational in moments simply where conventional laboratory works may be out of service for weeks. It has no outside relations preserving a layout change and can put on a cart and moved from room to room. Traditional lab hoods need a third party to move tire ductwork and other relations before the unit may be relocated.

  1. environmentally friendly :

Dutchless fume hoods are filtered and easily recycled in the present room air while cleaning the chemical mixture. It doesn’t harm the environment and easily gets disposed of without any damage.

  1. Safe:

Dutchless hoods provide you with advanced safety controls and help to gain a good variety of Laboratory Equipment with safety.


  1. Dutchless fume hoods have HEPA which means high-efficiency particulate air which filters or clears almost 99.99% chemical powders out and make it for the reuse.

It also gives you an organic carbon filter that activated carbon to absorb it chemically with organic vapors with the presence of acids and sulfur compounds.

  1. Real-time gas sensor technology assures you all the safety of the use and other personnel or workers from exposure to toxic or hazardous chemical fumes and vapors.

Alarms are easily audible and visible to alert personnel of filter saturation. So that no one gets harm or any damage create.

  1. Dutchless fume hoods have a limited number of various chemicals that should be used in the Laboratory. It doesn’t need any extreme burning or heating in the hood like acid digestion applications. It has modest chemical volumes with moderate chemical exposures slots which are maintained and durable.


Dutchless fume hoods have a capacity to trap toxic chemicals and provide you safely filtered or effective hoods without any damage. Filtered fume hoods can filters out the acids, bases, and solvents with unique filter type but sometimes some chemicals still stay there.

All of the chemicals include the application which matches one of these filter types which is a good sign that you have a good application for use with dutchless fume hood but sometimes some toxic compounds and acids become the reason for hazardous damage.

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