7 Tips on How to Fix Canon Printer Error Codes

The Canon printer error codes, as well as the canon scanner error codessometimes can be so much disgusting and quite frustrating that they make using canon printer a bad choice to make. 


Are you facing any kind of error code issues with your printer and you’ve been trying all you could to get it off your printer but no matter how hard you tried, yet you couldn’t? Well, I’m glad to tell you that you’re here on the right channel where you’ll get all kinds of the canon printer or the Canon scanner error code resolved even without the help of the Canon Printer Support

7 Tips on how to fix Canon Printer Error Codes

Although the canon printer error codes may appear to be so much disgusting and frustrating, the fact is that no matter how bad a problem turns out to be, there’s always a possible solution.

Therefore, to cut straight to the chase; below are the 7 tips that need to be known to solve the canon printer error codes. 


Canon Printer Error Codes


  1. Check on the printer’s cartridge: – In most cases, the printer error codes are caused due to a faulty or a dirty cartridge. If in the process of working on your printer to do some printing work and all of a sudden an error code appears on your printer’s screen, the very first thing to do is to check on the cartridges. You have to remove the cartridges carefully and examine the cartridges if they are well placed and if they are in good condition. 

  2. Turn off your printer: – in other to check and troubleshoot whichever error that may be hindering your printer’s performance, you have to turn off the printer. 

  3. Clean up the cartridge: – Just like I said earlier regarding the cartridge; the cartridge or cartridges are so many delicates. Most error codes are caused due to defects in the cartridge or most probably some particles or chips may be on the cartridge. Therefore, you have to clean the cartridge with a mentholated spirit or better still you can use alcohol to clean the printer’s cartridge. I am recommending cleaning the cartridge with the use of alcohol because it worked a lot. 

  4. Fix back the cartridge: – After cleaning the cartridge or cartridges, you can now fix them back into the printer. But before fixing them back, ensure that there is no particle in the chamber. Make sure that you dust the printer and ensure that the printer is free of dirt and unwanted particles which may hinder the performance of the printer. if after you ensure to examine all these, then now you can insert the cartridge or cartridges carefully in the printer’s cartridge chamber.  

  5. Turn on the printer: – Now at this point, you have to turn on your printer to check the status of your printer. Check if the problem persists or not. If the problem persists, you have no reason to fidget, continue on the next step and if it persists, you can as well follow the following steps. 

  6. Restart printer: – Restarting your printer or scanner when you are having error codes sometimes work as a perfect solution, but not in all cases. In a case whereby after restarting your printer you are still experiencing some issues, then this is something you may not be able to fix on your own. At this time you have two choices to make. It’s either you reset your printer or you contact the Canon Printer Support.

  7. Reset printer: – Printer reset is mostly a better remedy to solve canon printer or scanner error codes reason being that when you reset your printer, it goes back to the factory settings and thereby remove all kind of errors which may be hindering the performances of the printer. 

Note: – 

The above-listed tips are very effective when it comes to fixing canon printer and canon scanner error codes on your Canon printer. But if in a case whereby you are still unable to get the issues solved, do not hesitate to contact the canon printer support for advanced tips on how to resolve any error codes related issue which may be arising to your canon printer. 

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