cheap Umrah packages – 5 crucial tips you need to follow

Umrah packages

Umrah holds a lot of importance in Islam. It is a prayer that is performed by Muslims all year. The only days Umrah is not performed by the Muslims is on Hajj days. Like on Hajj people gather in Mecca from all around similar is the case with Umrah. But before planning other things it is important to choose the right agency, to avail cheap Umrah packages.

In a package not only a return ticket is included, but the company manage other things for you too. Like your accommodation there, transportation and things like that. So, it becomes compulsory for you to choose a company who is directly in touch with the Saudi authorities there. The benefit of this is that if in case any issue happens with you, you can tell about it to the agency. The agency will then contact the Saudi authorities to solve an issue of yours. If the company will not have any official link there, you will become helpless there.

Before hiring any agency for the Umrah package crucial points you have to follow are:

Proper understanding of laws in Saudi

When you hire an agency for the package, they tell you about all the basic things. You must learn about more details and basic laws of Saudi Arabia. If you are still confused, you can contact your relative and friend who went for Umrah. They will guide you well and thoroughly.

Never forget to check the affiliation

It is important that travel agents who are providing you guidance were approved. Because of many face restriction because they provide poor services. So, you must get some major details about your agent too. Prefer to take service from an agent who is approved by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Check the record of your agent and feedback too

It is important to check the record of a person. Because you don’t want any kind of issue later in your journey. The most important thing you have to look is that the agent is not involved in any offence. To get an idea about the easiest and the oldest way is by checking previous records. On the website feedback is also given by the people, you can read those too. Once getting sure about these things you are good to go further.

Look for hidden charges

Some operators charge extra. It is good if you ask about every single charge from the agent before finalizing everything. Because many who went to perform Umrah has a limited budget. It is important if you research on your own too. Then when an agent will tell you about the charges you will not get confused nor they will able to charge you extra. Because the charges of the Umrah packages fluctuate every year.

Packages company is offering

All the packages are not the same. You can choose the one according to your budget. If you don’t have awareness about any, feel free to ask about it from the company. The packages that are called 5-star provide you luxury. You don’t have to travel much to offer prayer. As they are close to the mosque. In normal packages, you get accommodation a bit far. But they are also good in terms of living.

Other tips for Umrah travelling

It is better to pick an experienced company for a package. A company who has hosted others before you. Because the one who is just starting the business, don’t know much about rules and regulations there. So, you may face trouble because of them. Once you start these things correctly, you are good to go. 



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