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Best Ways to Control Your Facebook Privacy


With the addition of the Facebook Subscribe button, understanding, however, your Facebook privacy works is a lot of necessary than ever. The good news is that Facebook is creating it easier to seek out the settings for dominant your privacy. Then want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook support number.


The unhealthy news is that there’s heaps of confusion around the Subscribe button and what it means that for privacy. thus let’s begin by grappling the privacy problems round the new Subscribe button.

The Facebook Subscribe button

  • Facebook has created the subscribe setting opt-in rather than defaulted to on. The Subscribe button is intended to permit individuals to buy your public posts instead of (or probably additionally to) requesting a relationship. It’s heaps sort of a Twitter follow. You don’t approve subscribers. All of your current friend’s area unit, by default, signed to your posts.
  • Whenever you update your personal profile, you’ll verify World Health Organization you would like to envision your post: public, friends or custom. Custom will then embody friends of friends, solely bound friends, or a friend list. 
  • If you would like to stay your profile non-public, you don’t need to worry regarding the Subscribe button in the slightest degree. however, if you’re fascinated by sharing some posts publically, you’ll prefer in by getting to World Wide Web.facebook.com/about/subscribe and clicking permit Subscribers. you’ll conjointly scan a lot of regarding however the Subscribe button works at that link.
  • Once you click permit Subscribers, you have got some settings to tack. you’ll continuously return and regulate these settings by clicking your profile within the upper-right corner of Facebook phone number and so choosing Subscribers on the left sidebar. Then choose the Edit Settings button within the upper-right corner of the page.

Ever-changing your Facebook privacy settings

  • The next issue you would like to visualize is your Facebook privacy settings. I believe that Facebook has efficient its privacy settings and create them easier to know. First, click the down arrow button within the upper-right corner of Facebook and choose Privacy Settings.
  • Then step through every of the offered setting areas: however, You Connect, however, Tags Work, Apps, and Websites Limit the Audience for Past Posts and Blocked individuals and Apps.
  • In the however You Connect section, you’ll set the capabilities for individuals to send you friend requests, post on your timeline and a lot of. check that these settings area unit comfy for you. for instance, you will plan to not permit individuals aside from your immediate friends to send you messages.

Dominant however individuals @tag you

  • People will tag you in photos and posts by victimization the “@” image and so writing your name. If you would like to review these tags severally and approve them, simply click on the however Tags Work section within the privacy settings. (Click the down-arrow within the upper-right corner, Privacy Settings, and so Edit Settings next to however Tags Work).
  • You will then need to approve every tag before it denotes to your timeline. With the new subscribe settings, this might be a lot of essential if you’re a personal person and don’t need somebody tagging you in an exceedingly public post.

Dominant apps and websites

  • Facebook apps (or applications) area unit third-party “plugins” which will enhance (or trim back, but you may inspect it) from your Facebook expertise. Facebook apps may also be the most important supply of spam posts.
  • Make sure you recognize what apps have access to your knowledge and may create posts on your behalf. Apps embody games, contest apps, and apps to boost your Facebook page. Most apps area unit smart, however, you are doing need to take care regarding which of them you settle for.
  • Also, check that you check what data you’re permitting your friends to bring into their apps. If your friends have access to your information, they will be able to bring it with them into apps that they’re victimization. to visualize these settings, follow these steps:
  • Click the down arrow within the upper-right corner.
  • Select Privacy Settings.
  • Click the Edit Settings link next to the Apps and Websites choice.
  • Now click the Edit Settings button next to the however individuals Bring Your information to Apps They Use choice.
  • From there you’ll be able to uncheck the boxes of the knowledge that you simply need to stay non-public.

Facebook Ads

  • The only issue that’s hidden on the Facebook privacy settings is whether or not you would like your name to indicate up in Facebook advertising. The default setting is that your name will seem in advertising, however, it’ll solely be shown to your current friends.
  • To edit this setting, click the Account menu within the upper-right corner, choose Account Settings and so click on Facebook Ads on the left sidebar.
  • That’s what you would like to grasp regarding Facebook privacy settings. conjointly notice that you simply could have simply accessible choices next to posts or tags by clicking on the dropdown menus usually on the proper facet of a post. check that you sporadically review your privacy settings to regulate any changes in privacy. 


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