Do you want to learn the best activities to increase brain power?

How often do you think about your brain? Have you ever stopped for while and thought about its incredible power? Or at least has given it rest while recharging it from time to time.

The answer to this will be a no from most of you.

Surprisingly, you only utilize approx. 10% of the brain and seldom think to invest in brain training activities to boost power. Your brain is a muscle, it also needs exercise regularly. The most exciting thing is you don’t have to follow challenging techniques to increase the ability of your brain. Everyone should take out time to invest in brain training activities.

Go for something new!

Surveys have proved that learning new things stimulates your brain. Stop getting stuck in the rut by following the same routine, go for something new. This creates a neural pathway that amplifies your intelligence level.

Anything can be done like:

You can take a new route on your way to the office, try a new dinner recipe or new exercise.

Stop using calculator

Do you know why calculators were banned at school? Because teachers wanted that students use their brains to do simple arithmetic calculations. The addition of smartphone has lead to less usage of things like wrist watches, calendars, calculators and more.

Resist the utilization of gadgets for a while and use something you were born with-your brain.

activities_brain increase

Become curious

Instead of taking everything for granted, start questioning regarding products/services every day. When you become curious, your brain starts working innovatively looking for creative ideas.

Play online crossword game

Brain games help in enhancing the cognitive skills, retention power and logical thinking skills. In addition these, you learn new things and enhance your vocabulary. Play free online crossword real money games that help you win real money after you submit all answers correctly. 

Be optimistic

Stress keeps the brain muscles tensed. If you are an optimistic person, it speeds up the creation of cells while reducing anxiety. Try and get hold of negative thoughts while replacing them with positive ones.

Eat healthily

What goes into the body has a huge impact on our brain. The brain takes away 20% of the nutrients that is consumed by us. So, it is always important to feed your brain with good things.

Read a book

Reading helps your mind escape into another world. When you read, you imagine the situation and also the characters mentioned in the book. The picture that is created in your mind is maybe different from the actual one but it helps you become creative. Reading helps a lot in triggering your imagination. 

Sleep well

Sleeping helps to detox the brain for some time. Your body has the ability to regenerate cells and remove all the toxins that are built during the day. Get on the bed before 10pm and go for at least 7-8 hours of sleep minimum.

Intelligence comes from hard work. If you follow the aforementioned tips, you will realize that your brain has become sharper than before and has started to remember more things.


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