Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Exploring the desert amid the falling rays of the sun brings you a brand-new experience altogether. Nature lovers and travel enthusiasts find the evening desert safari Dubai a fascinating experience. If you are in Dubai, make sure to book a trip to the desert with one of the tour organizers. The beauty that the desert brings you is mesmerizing, and you would love the splendor that awaits you. A desert trip comes loaded with adventure and fun. With the bumpy roller coaster ride over the dunes and amazing scenic beauty, you will have memorable moments to cherish.

The safari commences as the SUV picks you up from your hotel or any other specified landmark at around 4 pm in the afternoon. Upon arrival at the campsite, you will be refreshed with tea or coffee, soft drinks, mineral water and desert dishes. You will love the Arabic gahwa, or coffee, that is freshly ground and served at the camp. If you are interested to go for an evening safari in the desert in Dubai, you can book the trip online. Check out the evening desert safari Dubai price in the website, customizing your trip with the necessary specifications.

  • The SUV picks you up from the specified spot
  • Enjoy sand bashing for 45 minutes in the desert
  • Experience sand surfing or sandboarding amid the red dunes of the desert
  • Go for a camel ride
  • Sand skiing and quad biking are optional
  • Enjoy sunset photography and selfie sessions
  • Enjoy Shisha smoking pipe and henna painting
  • Experience the local dishes and desert cuisine
  • Belly dance, fire show and Tanoura show in the evening
  • Unlimited mineral water, beverages (tea and coffee) and alcohol (additional charges)
  • Traditional costumes
  • The SUV will drop you at the hotel
What makes an evening safari in the desert a different experience?

Evening Desert Safari

Once you are in the camp, you have loads of activities to engage in. Most of the people prefer taking a ride on a camel. Women love to decorate their hands with ‘henna’, the traditional practice of the desert. Besides, people love dressing themselves up in the traditional desert attire and enjoy the photo sessions. If you are tired after all these activities, simply recline and relax on the pillows or carpet in the tents. The delicious BBQ dinner is served in a few hours, which comes along with some desert-special dishes.

Well, you can simply get back to the old days in the desert, and try out Shisha smoking. This is available in different flavours. Along with the dinner, you will love the Belly dance and Tanoura shows. Feel yourself absorbed in time, with the decades-old practices in the desert. An evening desert safari Dubai will give you memories that you would love to recollect throughout your life. Experience the bygone days along with the Bedouins, leading the traditional lifestyle in the desert.

What does the evening desert safari package include?

Travelers can customize the evening desert safari Dubai according to their preferences. For instance, if you want vegetarian food, you can convey the particulars to the trip organizers. The reputed groups maintain the highest levels of professionalism and ensure maximum comfort and safety for the travelers. Besides, you can include or exclude certain activities from your package. It is advisable to get the safari package tailored as per your needs. Experienced guides accompany will accompany you to the desert. Normally, the tours are organized in convoys to ensure safety for the travelers. However, you have no lower limit for the number of people going for the safari. Even if you are on a solo trip to Dubai, you can travel to the desert, along with the trip organizers. Experience the enriched Arabian culture and the traditional life when you go for the desert safari.

Here are some of the activities you would love during the desert safari:

Camel rides

After the bumpy ride in the SUV, brace up for a monotonous motion on a camel. Camel rides are popular among tourists, and you can explore the desert in the camel convoys. You can live stream the video on social media platforms, take photos and experience the traditional means of transportation in the desert. People also love the natural flora and fauna in the desert. You can take snapshots at the camps of the Bedouin. Ride over the dunes on the camels and absorb the feeling that haunts travelers and nature lovers over the years.

Sand-skiing and sand boarding

If you are familiar to skating, you will enjoy sand-boarding in the desert. This is one of the most popular activities you can undertake during your evening desert safari Dubai. Maneuver yourself along the edges of the sand dunes, along the slopes and climb up the dunes. You are free to choose a direction in the midst of the desert and explore the natural trails. This is a rewarding experience indeed, and people who love adventure sports will enjoy their time in the desert. For any sort of assistance, you can get across to the travel guides.

Live entertainment shows and dinner

The live entertainment shows include belly dance, Tanura dance, fire show and Halla dance. Besides, you can try out henna tattooing. The natural paste is a part of the traditional Arabian fashion. Get your hands, feet and arms tattooed, and the fragrance is refreshing indeed. It lasts for a few days and the designs look artistic.  The dinner includes a variety of traditional Arabian dishes and grilled BBQ. You can choose from a wide range of dishes and salads, and get a bite of some exclusively Arab dishes here.

Things to know before you go for the safari
  • If you are planning to try out sand-boarding, make sure to wear sports shoes to remain safe
  • Do not carry too much luggage, you may face space constraints
  • It is advisable to have complete your lunch 2-3 hours before the trip, as the bumpy ride may lead to vomiting
  • You will be picked up within 30 to 45 minutes of the scheduled time

Explore the natural beauty during your evening desert safari Dubai and witness nature unleash its beauty. You will love the experience and get a closer look at the traditional desert life.

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