How can Digital Learning Develop the Future of Education?

Digital citizenship has a real influence on the education field. It is all about how can a citizen or specifically a student was engaged to the world of technology. Actually, the more addicted you become to technology, the more powerful and affecting you become in your professional projects and studies.

The Collaboration Between Education and Technology:

There is no doubt that the field of education is an adequate area where humanity can add a lot of value. Nowadays, we have all the tools needed to bring new technologies to life. Technology literacy has been influencing people life for the last decade.  It stands for positive and continuous embedment with the world of technology. Accordingly, people and students in a specific way become more efficient and productive in their projects.

The Rise of the E-Learning Platform is Impressive:

In fact, the education system is changing in a very fast way. Many E-learning platforms are taking place. Webinars nowadays are everywhere. Students can learn where ever they are just by a simple click; they can be engaged to a virtual or physical university program free. Many contributors around the world are trying to democratize the learning rights to the world. Especially when we talk about third world countries where people are facing serious barriers to education. E-learning awareness has added a lot to the worldwide humanity.

Many targeted surveys confirmed that youth are spending more than 9 hours in surfing the internet. They are linked to a popular website such as YouTube, Snapshot and Facebook. Social media has been dominating the youth for the last decades approximately. This is the main reason why many actors in the area of education are establishing a new campaign to strengthen the E-learning education on Internet. They start even using social media streams to reach people around the world.

The Digital Literacy Influence on Education:

The previous example is a real demonstration of how education is obviously taking advantage of the advanced technology in our life. Truth be told, you will be fascinated by how digital literacy can influence society about changing their leaning habits. More important is how they can optimize the education process by leaning anything, anywhere, anytime from their own homes.

The Necessary need for Digital Makers is Continuous:

Experts confirm that the digital literacy has been erasing the excuses behind dropping out from studies and formal academic education. Pioneers are confirming that the world is in a massive need for the digital makers. In other words, we are in need for people who can create and build effective digital technology. Like that, students and all the range of people can benefits from easy and efficient learning without any doubt.

To sum up, we can obviously say that a digital learner can turn to an effective digital maker. This fact can add a huge positive value to the future of education and learning. Russell Hazard Beijing is passionate about contributing to improvements in education both at the grassroots school level and at the level of international policy. Russ Hazard also works to build international partnerships across sectors such as public/private education, NGOs, and international educational organizations to enhance discourse in ESD and GCED and improve impact on the ground internationally.

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