How to Avail Visa for Kuwait

Indians have by the time developed a genuine interest in discovering the hidden beauty of middle-eastern part of the world. Not only Indians, but also the whole world is flocking towards middle-east to witness the splendid beauty of this magnificent land. Whether you visit Dubai, the city of superlatives, or Bahrain, which has been shining due to its glittering pearls- Middle-East has undoubtedly become a trailblazer in captivating the attention of global tourists. Among them, Kuwait had been often overlooked by the globe-trotting travelers, which is destination for history worms. Perched amidst Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is among the least touristic countries in the world. Grand mosque, Kuwait tower, The Scientific Center, Tarej Rajam museum, Kuwait National Museum, Al Kout beach, desert safari are some of the must visit places while in Kuwait.

When a tourist visits cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, along with these places, tourists prefer exploring other countries too and to enter the territory of other country you must have a separate visa granted to you by the authority of the country you are visiting. Since, Kuwait is recognized as one of the least visited countries in the world, so to promote the tourism sector of the country, government have taken all the measures to entice the global tourists. The visa application process is quite simple and with the submission of a few required and important documents, you will be able to avail your Kuwait visa within two to three business days. But even if you apply it properly, there are chances that the consulate may reject your application, if they find out anything wrong or confusing.

Let’s get to know about some tips to avoid visa rejection or delay in approval.

Interviews: Consulate of some countries schedule an appointment with the applicant for a one on one trial before granting visa. Other countries just ask you to present your documents and no interview requires in this process.

Documents: When you proceed to apply for a visa, there are a few things which need to be addressed cautiously. Documentation is one such step, where the applicant must be careful. Submit only the required documents, not less than what they were asking and not more than that. In general, documents you have to submit are:

  • Copy of your passport, which must hold at least 6 months of validity
  • A passport size photograph
  • Copy of your bank statement, which must show you have enough balance to bear the expenses in Kuwait
  • No past criminal record

These are some of the basic documents you need to submit in order t obtain Kuwait visa.

Apart from that, be honest and precise when applying for a visa. If an interview calls on, be punctual to reach the venue of the interview. To have a hassle free visa service, you can contact Kuwait visa assistance in Delhi.

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