How to Download Twitter Video on Windows.

How to Download Twitter Video on Windows.

People often think that we cannot save the videos from social media sites, well I don’t say that it’s wrong. You can not download the video directly from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

 Remember that every problem has a solution. When humans faced those issues they also generate solutions by using their brains. In this article, I will share some easy methods invented by genius people that will help you to save your videos, GIFS, etc.

 Let’s begin this knowledgeable journey with you. Firstly discuss some important things. 

Do you know about twitter?

  No, it’s ok. I will tell you about it. Twitter is the oldest social media site that a billion people use on the daily to make conversation with people across the world. 

If I say that Twitter is the most appropriate app for spread the breaking news then it’s not wrong. If you want to know about what happened in the world I suggest just go to twitter. You will know about trending issues just in seconds. 

What kind of material is present on twitter?

It not very tricky to find, go to twitter and see on your own. Twitter is covered with a lot of information, messages in the form of tweets. It has the news about celebrities, politics, fashion, economics issues, can watch live streams, explore any latest sports highlights, curated stories, and more. 

In the present era the videos, GIFs, and images are shared on all social media sites including Twitter. We always like and share videos, images, and gifs on twitter easily. When we like the videos then we will share it with our friends. 

What can you do, when you want to save it on your mobile and share it with your friends who are not on twitter. Don’t say that you ignored that just because you cannot save it in your mobile. 

Well, I always said that every problem has a solution, according to the psychology you will perform better when you focus on the solutions instead of the problems. You just need to be creative and find it. 

I tried my best that I will tell you about some amazing service that will help you to get your favorite videos on your computer, smartphones and windows PC, etc. You can be free to choose any method to download the twitter videos. 

How to download videos on Android, iPhone and window pc.

  • Online sites

I always preferred to save my phone storage because many important things must be present with me everything. I loved the online sites, that help me to save my favorite videos without any installment requirements. There is one site that I used most of the time to save videos, gifs. I will give the site link below and also the steps to download the videos.

  1. Open the Twitter app.
  2. Searched the tweet that has your desired videos.
  3. In this tweet, you will see a share option below.
  4. Click on share option, you will see a different option.
  5. Select a copy link option. The link will be copied in your window PC.
  6. Close the twitter and open the chrome.
  7. Go to the
  8. You will see a field box. Press and paste the link in the box.
  9.  Select the videos quality on the download button.
  10. The video is starting to download in your windows PC.

The same instruction will also help you to save the videos on your iPhone, mac, android from Twitter, Instagram, etc.  

2.Twitter video assist.

  It is an extension for Google Chrome. To download videos from Twitter first, find a video on Twitter that you want to download. Right-click on that video and select the Save this Twitter video option from the context menu to begin downloading. 

This free Twitter video downloader does not provide many standard options to change video format or change the quality of videos. 

This is a major drawback. But still, this downloader provides some very basic options like, save videos as GIF, MP4, option to specify download path, change file name, etc.

Do you have any questions about this guide? If you do, make sure to leave them below and I will respond as soon as I can.

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