How to get your house cleaning done in One hour

Are Guests coming over? Is your mom coming back home? And your house is a total mess. Don’t worry. We got it covered. This article will give you the perfect cleaning tricks and get your house cleaned in one hour. But cleaning house in one hour requires complete attention and focus. You can’t get distracted by the magazines while cleaning or by checking your phone notification. If you stay seriously focused and follow this guide, your house will gleam in an hour.

Start from the Top

The first thing you should follow while cleaning any room of your house is to clean from top to bottom.  If you start cleaning dirt from the higher surfaces it will fall on the lower surfaces that aren’t cleaned yet. After furniture dusting and cleaning ceiling fans all the dust will come on the ground and your last step would be cleaning the room’s floor.

Bedrooms-6 minutes per bedroom

1)    Clear the bed sheets and make your beds. Make sure while making the bed, don’t insert bed sheets forcefully under the mattress, and instead use a single hand for holding the mattress corner and tucking the bed sheet under it with the other.

2)    Clean all the mess around the house, if there is urgency so keep a spare basket and collect all the clutter and clear it later when free.

3)    Dusting your furniture with dusting spray and microfiber cloth from top to bottom.

 Bathrooms-7 minutes per bathroom

1)    First check out all of the bathrooms, clear and clean all the counters and tubs with detergents and let it sit while you clean the toilet and the outer area of the toilet.

2)    Now go back and wipe the counters and wash the tubs then wash the mirrors.

3)    And now let’s get back to the cleaning of the floors.

Living/Dining Rooms-7 minutes

1)    Clean all the clutter

2)    Begin with one of the corners and starting dusting around from top to bottom including blinds and ceiling fans.

3)    With the help of upholstery attachment, vacuum upholstered furniture.

4)    As the final step, vacuum the entire floor including whole house carpets.

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Kitchen-12 minutes

1)    Place all your dirty dishes in a sink filled with hot soapy water, if your stove has removable parts, put them in the sink too.

2)    Clan the counters

3)    With sponge dipped in hot soapy water clean the cabinets and counter from top to bottom.

4)    Clean your kitchen appliances make sure they are turned off when getting clean with water.

5)    Clean the remain stove parts and place them back

6)    Cleaned grounds long last with all hard floors in the house too

Floors-15 minutes whole house

1)    While vacuuming the carpeted floors, do not overlap and move faster.

2)    Use a vacuum attachment for cleaning floor corners.

3)    Steam mobs make cleaning floors easier.


Follow the above guide and you can change your messy house into a neat place in one hour.


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