How To Make Eye- Catching Rakhis At Home?

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated festivals in India that is dedicated to strong bonding between brothers and sisters. Rakhis are not simple threads tied on the wrist and are symbolic of purity and selflessness between siblings. Today most ladies prefer to make these designer threads on their own at home. The most important reason for it is they are much more beautiful and cost-effective as compared to those available in the market. Most importantly, they are not that tough to make as they seem to be. If you are interested to know about ways to make raki at home, then this article may be the final click for you.

Wool Rakhi:

This is one of the most popular creatively customized secret threads and is best known for forming an eye-catching Rakhi online gift for your male sibling, who will like and to appreciate it to a great extent. It is mainly reputed at one of the most gorgeous rakis till date. Making this at your home is not that difficult as it seems to be. All you need to have is colourful wool, colourful beads, scissors and fabric adhesive. You can start by twisting single-coloured wool around your finger for close to twenty rounds. Tie the wool tightly with a knot at the centre. After that, it’s time for you to cut the ends of the bow and spread it evenly to create a floral design. Now take two strands of wool of different color and cut them into equal lengths close to an inch long from the length of wrist of your brother. Slide in the beautifully colourful beads one after the other into the strands and try a knot after each bead. At last, it’s time for you to paste this thread at the back with fabric adhesive.

Zari Rakhi:

This is another kind of creatively customized that would surely appeal to the heart of your male sibling. You can never go wrong with it. You need very basic things like zari motifs, bright-coloured laces, Thread and needle or fabric adhesive and scissors that are especially common to every household. First of all, take a Zari motif of the design you prefer the most. It usually comes with a peacock or floral design. After that take a lace that has a color, which seamlessly matches with that of the Zari motif. You also have the option of pasting the lace at the back of the motif and your raki is ready.

Felt Rakhi:

These rakhi gifts for brothers are best known for standing for eternal bond between brothers and sisters. It mainly involves the use of silk threads around which it would be designed. You would do better by picking a thread that is plain, but colourful to ensure that it can be easily tied around the wrist. Waste threads available at home can also yield good results if used strategically. The other items required to make this raki include 2 colored felts, designer sticker, golden satin ribbon, scissor and thread and needle. You can start by cutting both the felt in different diameters and place the smaller one over the larger one. Sew the satin ribbon in between the two threads and needles. At last, the time has come for you to stick the designer stickers at the top of the felts before finally the raki on the wrist of your blood brother. Do you find this step a bit tough for you due to a busy schedule for some other reason? If yes, then the best option for you would be to consider working with a well-known rakhi portal that can arrange for online Rakhi delivery at your doorstep or that of your close ones.

Silk Thread Rakhi:

If your brother does not prefer to wear a big and flashy  Raksha- Bandhan tread, then this raki may be the perfect pick for him. He would not be able to disapprove of it in any way. All you need to make this especially elegant looking raki at your home is cotton twine, silk thread, preferably of the same color, flat designer stone beads as well as scissors. You also have the option of buying rakhi online from a reputed online portal that specializes in offering premium quality secret thread at an affordable price.

The above mentioned are some of the most prominent ways to make designer rakhis at home. If you need more suggestions in this regard, then please browse through the internet.

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