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How to Set Up Canon Wireless Printer

Are you planning to get a Canon wireless printer but you are contemplating how to set it up? Or is it that you already have one but you don’t know how to go about its setup? Well, you are on the right platform to get all your worries resolved. 

Generally, setting up a wireless printer is sometimes complicated to go by, but it can easily be done only if you are patient enough to follow the steps and the guidelines that I’ll be providing in this article. In other not to waste much time, I’ll like to go straight to the major reason for writing this article which is regarding how to go about the Canon wireless printer setup

Guide on How to Set up a Canon Wireless Printer

To set up the Canon wireless printer, you have to know that it’s on two sides of a coin which is either you set it up by using the standard connection method or you can as well use the WPS method of connection. Be as it may, here in this article I will show how to set up your printer wirelessly with both methods. Therefore, let’s get started with the; WPS method to connect a wireless printer.



To set up a printer wirelessly by using the standard connection setting

  1. Turn on the printer: – To start with the setting up of a printer wirelessly, you have to ensure the printer is turned on and active. Therefore, turn on your wireless printer to start the Canon wireless printer setup. 
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi network of your wireless printer: – I hope that you’ve turned on your wireless printer, right? Well, at this point now we have to proceed to the next step which is to turn on the Wi-Fi of your printer. You can turn on the Wi-Fi differently in different printers, some are having their Wi-Fi button on them while some are not. But whichever way round, check your user guide to know how to turn on the Wi-Fi of the printer to get the printer ready for pairing with other devices. 
  3. Press the WPS button: – If after turning on the Wi-Fi network on your printer, you have to press the WPS button to enable the WPS mode. You can consult your user guide to know the actual credential of your WPS for a successful connection.  
  4. Connect to a computer:– Connect your printer wirelessly to your computer by connecting the network connection of your printer and your printer by following the profound instructions. 
  5. Test your printer: – Run a test on your printer to confirm if your printer is fully connected with the network by printing some pages with your printer. 

To set up a printer wirelessly by using the standard connection setting

  1. Turn on your wireless printer to commence anywireless printer setup
  2. Insert the installation disc of the printer or you can as well download the printer’s software form the manufacturer’s official website if in case you are not having the printer’s installation disc.
  3. Follow the profound installation instructions to install the printer’s software on your desktop computer or your laptop. 
  4. Connect the printer to a wireless network 
  5. Connect the printer to your computer wirelessly 
  6. Download and install the printer’s driver software for communication between the printer and the computer. 

Conclusion: – 

By following the guidelines allocated above in this article, you should be able to successfully set up your Canon wireless printerBut if in a case whereby you find it difficult to set up your canon wireless printer after these steps, you should contact the canon printer support for more advanced setup tips. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more write-ups from our side. 

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