Languages which you should try to learn before moving to Europe

There are almost 7000 living languages in the world. Out of which, Europe has only 24 languages. However, these 24 languages are the most important one due to the importance of European countries in terms of its wealth and economic opportunities for the people around the world.

With all the diversity and beauty of Europe, this country has been the home of numerous small tribes within and outside of Europe. However, the unity and prosperity of this continent made them combine all the different languages and come up with a few which are must know if someone wants to live in any country of Europe.

That is why, if any non-European wishes to move into Europe, then he or she should know at least four languages which are given below.


Germany is one of the most important countries of the Europe. After the Brexit, the role of Germany has increased and now going to be an unannounced head of Europe. That is why learning German has become important for every non-European who wants to live in Europe. The border of Germany is attached with nine other countries too, and most of the Eastern Europe speaks German. With all the significance, this language is tough to learn so you better start early in order to speak German like Germans.


Where Eastern Europe is dominated by the Germans, the Central and Southern Europe are dominated by France. Due to this, in this part of Europe, you will find more people using the French language instead of any other. French is the language of harmony, emotion and romance. This Indo-European language family developed from Vulgar Latin was first spoken by the Roman invaders. Moreover, the French as a language is spoken in 53 countries, which makes it one of the most widespread languages in the world. Not only in Europe, but French is quite popular in African countries too.


After covering the most favorite language of Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, now it’s time to focus on the Western Europe. In the western part of the Europe, Spain and Spanish are dominated. Just like French is the language of romance, the Spanish is warmth and temper. Moreover, the Spanish has also the prestige of being the 2nd most spoken language as the first language. Spanish has over 329 million native speakers, which make it slightly ahead of English and far behind of Chinese which has over a billion native speakers.


Doesn’t matter where you go, English is a language which has its listeners and speakers. Although Europeans don’t like to speak English as a last resort, they try to communicate in it with the person who cannot speak or understand their language. Reading this post means you understand English and can write, read or speak this language. However, you don’t need to be in a business of to communicate in English in Europe. Slight understanding of English is enough to communicate with the Europeans if you are visiting this most beautiful continent on earth.


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