Laser Hair Removal Review

Laser Hair Removal: Procedure Overview

Best Laser Hair Removal TipsAre you looking for an effective solution to remove unwanted hair from the face or the body? Then Sona laser hair removal might just be the best solution to your problem. Most of the men and women today, like to enjoy and feel confident and beautiful. Unwanted hair can cause a bit of embarrassment and discomfort. Lot of people face these common problems. Sona laser hair removal program’s mission is to remove the unwanted hair from your body in a very safe and comfortable environment and at fees which is very much affordable.

What is laser hair removal?

With just a beam of light, you can permanently do away with your unwanted hair, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The laser hair removal program starts with the analysis of the skin type first with the help of a Fitzpatrick Scale. A Chromo Tester device is then used to give an accurate measurement of skin colour. These tests give valuable information which will enable your Sona consultant to decide what intensity of laser treatment should be applied. This is dependent on the skin type. Fitzpatrick scale is as follows:

  • Extremely fair skin burns a bit but does not tan
  • Fair skin, burns a bit and tans slightly.
  • Fair skin to light olive skin, burns a bit and gradually tans.
  • Olive skin to brown skin, possibility of burning sensation is very rare but gets tanned very easily.
  • Dark brown skin rarely burns but gets tanned easily.
  • Black skin does not burn at all but tans a lot.

The process

After identifying the intensity of the laser to be used, the process is very simple. A trained professional then coats the target area with a gel and then a laser handset is run over that particular area. The laser technology that Sona uses is state of the art and the risks associated are minimized. The laser light seeps through the skin without causing any harm and is absorbed by melanin present in the hair follicles. Heat is produced which damages the hair follicles completely. After two or three weeks, all the hair falls off ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Further hair growth is also fore-stalled since the hair follicles are completely damaged. The remaining visits are used to disable the futuristic growth cycles and prevent any re-growth. This is a permanent solution and wearing bikinis or even short skirts at very short notice is no more a problem. A lot of people might be a bit apprehensive in opting for laser hair removal at home. Hence it is important for you to know that this technology has been approved by the FDA to remove all the hair permanently.

The Sona advantage

One aspect that sets Sona apart from the rest is that the same treatment is not meted out to everyone. According to your skin colour, the laser is adjusted. For example, Alexandrite laser is used for light skin while YAG laser is used for dark skin. In this way, hair is removed effectively without giving rise to skin complications and irritations. Since it uses the latest in technology lasers, the Sona laser hair removal is very safe, and there are no after effects involved.

Moreover, the staffs that they use are highly trained professionals. All of them are license holders who have completed their training at Sona University. The training program includes an internship as well as continued training. A Medical Director supervises them, who in turn reports to the National Medical Director.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The average laser hair removal cost is $500. Though it’s quite an investment, this method is very efficient and saves you the hot wax treatment in the years to come. Once you enter Sona Med Spa, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. The vast experience of the staff members, the delightful, soothing ambience and their detailed protocol, will ensure that your experience at Sona med spa is delightful and will allow you to become Sona Smooth.

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