Optimize Your Videos for Video Search Ranking with this Guide in 2020

Most of the digital marketers do not pay much attention for YouTube ranking and this is one of the grave mistakes. It is important to rank in the top of YouTube to generate more traffic for your website. One way to get this done is with the help of YouTube SEO. Yes, YouTube SEO is the one way that will help you in generating more traffic for your website. Here is a guide that will help in optimizing your search engine rankings.

  1. YouTube keyword Research

You have to know which keywords are used in YouTube and find the ones that are driving more users to the videos. Most of the experts prefer YouTube Search Suggest Feature. Some of the tools that you can use to know keywords are


Keyword.io is one of the highly reliable tools for YouTube keyword search. Here are the tips that you can follow when you go to keyword.io.

  • Select YouTube and enter the keyword in search box.
  • Filter the keyword list as you want

you tube


Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Research

Just create an account in this site and search for the keywords that will match with your video.


You can even search for keywords on Google. It usually shows video suggestions for keywords involving tutorials, funny videos, how-to’s and reviews.


  1. Create Compelling Videos

After analyzing the keywords, it is time for you to create interesting videos. Here are certain parameters that you have to follow

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  • CTR (Click Through Rate): this is the ratio of users clicked on the website to the number of viewers who are visiting it. If people are clicking on your video on YouTube, the video ranking will increase.
  • Engagement: It is important to keep your user intrigued during the entire video for proper engagement. You can keep them curious and provide them with informative post from time to time.
  • Watch Time: Watch time is the time spent by users on YouTube watching your videos. You have to keep users on your video for a good amount of time to generate more traffic.
  • Video Length: Increase the length of video for better reach.
  1. YouTube Optimization

Now you should start optimizing video according to YouTube algorithm.

  • File Name: use the keyword in YouTube file name

video information

  • Title: The title of video should consist of at least 5 words in it. Do not forget to include the targeted keywords in it.

Focus Keyword

  • Video Description: the video description should be of 250 words at least and do not forget to include the keyword in first 25 words. This description is very important for a video.

Morning Yoga

  • Tags: At least add 10-12 tags for a video. This will help in reaching more number of audience.

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