Picking up the Perfect Upholstery Fabric

Selecting perfect fabric for your upholstery isn’t a piece of cake, it can really be burdensome. With a variety of fabric, colors, and designs, how do you know which fabric is perfect for your upholstery? Following will surely help you in picking the best upholstery fabric.


Before selecting anything the most important thing to consider is the durability of the product or service. Your upholstery fabric will go through the everyday tear and wear. The durability of upholstery fabrics is determined by its rate under the double rub test. It is a back and forth motion that impersonate the wear and tear of anyone seated on the upholstered seat over time. The more the number of double rubs, the better we can know how durable and quality efficient it is. To higher double rubs, search for the upholstery fabric that are stain resistant, water repellant, or UV resistance.

Fabrics like silk, wool, linen, cotton duck, embellished cloth, can be used for the upholstery items that won’t be in use every day, like home décor.

Fabric Care

Mostly the upholstery fabric isn’t appropriate to be washed in traditional cleaning or dry cleaning once fitted in the furniture. Follow the creator instructions and use stain repellent fabric for heavy furniture. Spot cleaners are intended to be used for upholstery fabric or use fabric protectant spray over your finished furniture. Custom furniture upholstery cleaning services are also recommended for better fabric care.

 Fabric Types

Following are the common upholstery fabrics that come in a diversity of weights, fibers, and colors to make sure you get your desired fabric.

  • Chenille

This is an excellent fabric mostly used for heavy pieces like couches. It is similar to velvet and it has a cut pile that prevents from scrapping.

  • Velvet 

Velvet has a dense cut pile, which makes it lavishing soft fabric with a gloss. Velvet is used in fabrics for heavy pieces. It is an eye-catching select for your home décor. It looks fancy yet elegant on the furniture. Stains go away immediately if cleaned right after the spill.

  • Basketweave / Tweed

This kind of textured woven fabrics hides stains well and that kind of fabric can be utilized in upholstery after looking at their double rub rating, it also decreases the pilling and fabric pulls.

  • Faux Leather

This fabric is easy to clean and looks great for children’s furniture and regular usage pieces. It has fewer risks of cracking while cleaning and conditioning.

  • Marine Vinyl 

It is weather resistant and prevents from tough elements. Marine vinyl is a leather look vinyl which is exceedingly durable and cool to clean.

  • Jacquard

It is heavy fabric. It has yarn colored fibers that make a pattern which gives texture and style. It is a good choice for house decorative pieces.


Following are the common fabrics that are consumed in upholstery. Either they are 100% pure or mixed up with other fibers to join their attributes.

  • Cotton is breathable, comfy, and cost-efficient. It is not fade resistant.
  • Linen is very tough, easy to breathe in, classic. It is not much resistant to stains and fading. It can’t be used for heavy pieces but for heirloom pieces.
  • Wool is lavishing. It has amazing texture and feels. Stays in shape, and is less stain resistant.
  • Silk is lavish and tough. But it can’t be utilized on the piece of daily use.
  • Rayon/Viscose is not durable. It gets soft when missed with other fabrics.
  • Polyester is easy to clean, long-lasting and moderate scarping resistant.
  • Nylon is long-lasting, more abrasion resistant, and easy clean.
  • Acrylic and Olefin are very long-lasting, easy to clean and can be used for heavy upholstery.


Fabric color selection is dependent on the kind of furniture it will be attached to. Natural beige colors are highly recommended choice for furniture as they hide dirt and being neutral, it can go with any décor styles. Use light colors for air and light mood. Dark colors can be used for hiding dirt and selecting a bright color fun bold pattern is always attractive on furniture.


Choose a fabric that fits right for your furniture and also gives style to your interior house décor. The fabric you choose should go with your piece’s style and character. Take stylish fabrics that fit your custom upholstery design.

Special Considerations

There are some things that you need to consider before you decide to buy fabric for your furniture. Does your pet accompany you on your furniture or your room gets a lot of sunlight? Your fabric must be fade resistant if it will be located in a room where sunlight comes a lot. Your fabric should be mildew resistant if that room is humid. Select pet-friendly upholstery if you own pets. If you have allergies then use microfibers as they are lint-free and doesn’t catch dust.


And if you still aren’t willing to choose your upholstery fabric, then leave it to professionals like Divine design upholstery, who are experts in upholstery services.

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