Stay Competitive in the Smart Restaurant Industry with Artificial Intelligence

Technology plays an important role in the restaurant industry. Food ordering platforms, restaurant apps, restaurant websites have made on-demand food ordering possible. And, the restaurant industry is turning towards more innovative approaches to meet and exceed customers expectations. As a result, artificial intelligence applications are steadily making their way into the restaurant industry.


Customers demand food in new ways now, finding out about an authentic dining experience through a friend’s social media profile, for example. To succeed in this kind of environment, the business needs to understand the criteria that lead to the customer’s decision-making process, foresee the changes, and stay ahead in this competitive landscape.


‘Artificial intelligence has moved way ahead the burger flip to transform restaurants from the front to back. The sooner restaurants adopt Artificial Intelligence, the better it is.’

AI gives a transformational opportunity to the food industry as it offers actionable recommendations, not only insights. AI can identify trends quicker & better. And, in spite of its reputation for complexity, AI is easy to use. 

AI & Restaurants Beyond Robotics:

Many restaurants have a common assumption, and that is AI means robotics exclusively. They feel AI means the mechanical arm flipping burgers or a robot who brings order to the tables. This technology is only in a limited restaurant, but the real value that AI holds is the ability to help restaurant owners to make better decisions regarding customer service. This incredible capability is precious for the restaurant business. 

Popular food industry trends:

  • Combo meals
  • Customized food items
  • Food ordering apps
  • Ghost kitchens
  • Drone food delivery
  • Small-food trucks

But what still matters the most to customers is the quality of the food, freshness, delivery time, and taste.

Artificial intelligence is data-driven, so it collects information from multiple sources like customer’s food preferences, liked & saved items in restaurant mobile app. At the next step, it analyses and then make recommendations that eventually boosts business profit.

Adopt the Restaurant Industry Trends:

One of the significant advantages of Artificial Intelligence is the opportunity to get on the ground floor of the best restaurant industry trends

With the right AI solution, restaurant owners can add easily available data such as product shipment, survey, outlet demographics, location, and weather information so that new areas of growth can be discovered.

One of the significant advantages of adopting an AI integrated food ordering apps is that the investment keeps paying off and delivers value. These values are not only related to the marketplace but also to product development, inventory, and finances. The sooner you adopt an AI solution, the better it is.

Automate Scheduling:

Automate scheduling is a part of AI solution that assists in menu designs based on favorite items, manage inventory and track the restaurant staff who are better at up-selling or the ones that distribute freebies. Knowing preferences makes it easy for the server to offer favorite dishes and save the credit card details for a seamless experience at a faster pace.

Go Big for Big Data: 

Do you have a reliable restaurant food ordering system? Well, you may not know, but some of the restaurant point-of-sale systems & solutions that you might be using have a goldmine of information that plays a major role in running your restaurant like a well-oiled machine.

These solutions help in effortlessly managing and monitoring high volumes of data, inventory management, food orders and taking the guesswork out of what is done when.

Find Value in Data:

Even by starting small, you can utilize the data that your restaurant has already collected. These customers have been generated data, whether from food orders with your restaurant online ordering system, adding online reviews or payment sources.

Switch to a Data-Driven Restaurant:

No matter what type of customer you have and what type of delivery options customers choose-dine-in, take-away, or doorstep delivery, innumerable customers will be inclined towards restaurants for satisfying their taste buds in the upcoming years. They will carefully decide how to get value for their money.

A lot of big food chains have already adopted AI technologies. For example, McDonald’s has introduced smart kiosks as part of their initiative called experience of the future. These smart kiosks make recommendations for the product according to the preferences of the customer or even preferences based on the weather. Customers are also able to personalize their burger or the French fries with the help of options like extra salt on the fries or more cheese in the burger.

Furthermore, KFC China has developed AI technology that uses facial recognition to predict customers’ orders.


These two examples show how AI and restaurant can function together and prove beneficial to both the customers as well as the restaurants.


An AI-driven restaurant food ordering app has the ability to turn data into more than simple insights. It helps in driving recommendations that drive new business, enhance the repeated customers, and boosts customer satisfaction. This is the right time you use artificial intelligence with your restaurant ordering system. 

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