Steps To Create Good Study Habits for Exams

Steps to create good study habits for exams

The study habits are very much essential to conquer any examination. Better preparation fills a person with confidence. It is very tough in starting for anyone to acquire study habits, especially in children. The daily routine helps most of the students to acquire study habit. Once study is included in your daily routine then it becomes automatically part of your habit. There are lots of motivational factors helps to make study habit among the students. And there are certain ways or procedures through which study habits can be obtained. All those methods or procedures given below suggest to create the good study habits.

Rule no.1 Setting your routine

Sub-rule.1 Designate a daily study time

Preparation of test by most of the students done just before examination day. A student should study every day in timely manner, so that all the course material will covered. The daily study on time helps students to reduce the study stress in examination time. And it will also help a student to understand the concepts clearly.
The daily routine helps in building concepts.
The designated time given for study also helps to cover the homework and assignments. The clear understanding of concepts will be acquired by utilizing this steps.

Sub-rule.2 Arrange your study space to foster learning

The clean area always be considered for studying. Clean area creates cognitive process in the mind of the students to study more. Always keep aside the distractions from your way. The distractions here are meant for unorganized room and other stuffs. A student should make a habit for study in the same place.
A student should not make study location in living room or TV room.
If you are the person who can be distracted by the noise, then you should not go to coffee shop or library for study.

Sub-rule.3 Gather your materials before you get started

You should have all the required material before you get set for studying. All the necessary things should be with you in study time. The absence of any reading material at the time of study can become the distractions for you.

Sub-rule.4 Turn off your electronics devices.

The biggest distraction comes from the electronic devices such as mobile phones, game consoles and computers. The phone and TV are most distrustful among the all other electronics equipment’s. When you are using the computers for study purpose then, you should not surf social media or any other off-topic websites. Keep your mobile phone away from you. All these will decrease your attention.

Sub-rule.5 Use a notebook or planner to track your assignments.
Most of the topper in entire worlds writes down notes during study. The notes help, you to achieve your goals. Notes helps in recalling the studied things from course material. You can also use wall planner to keep track of assignments and daily routine.

Sub-rule.6 Create a study plan

Make a study time table for study. How will you study for your examination must be included in the time table? Sticky notes, calendar and notebook can be used to create the pan for study. The outline will be helpful in achieving the daily or monthly target.

Rule no. 2 Learning the material

Sub-rule.1 Read the course material and texts

You should keep your text book for each subjects. Always highlights the important points in the book and also always point out the confusing parts from the topic.

Sub-rule.2 Take and review notes, filling in gaps with your own research

Always writes down the key points during lecture. The points on which you want to do research. You should review the information provided in your own notes or your class lecture notes.

Sub rule.3 Record your class lectures on your phone

This will help in understanding or reviewing in concepts. But, it is necessary to take permission from your lecturer to do recording. Don’t use too much of this method. Notebook still the best modes to keep track of lecture notes.

Rule no. 3 Make yourself flash cards

Flash cards or sticky notes are the best methods to note down key pints and vocabularies. You can also put scientific or mathematical tool on the flashcards.

Sub-rule.1 Make mind maps

Graphic illustrations are the mind maps, which is use to memorize the formula and topics during examination. Make your own method for memorizing the topics and subtopics.

Sub-rule.2 Ask someone to quiz you

When your examination is close, then you should ask from your parents, friend and teacher to quiz you on particular topic. This will help you to understand the pitfall areas of study.

Sub-rule.3 Adjust your study habits depending on your examination.

You may have subjective or objective type of an examination. In the situation of subjective type of question, you should have to answer the question by giving main point in the written context. Marking of an answer is depends on your content not on the size of answer written. So you should plan accordingly to answer the questions.

And for Objective type question you should have the commands on concepts. So, for objective type examination, you should focus on depth of subjects. To do this, you should give mock test regularly right before examination time. A student should must include mock test time in his/her time table.

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