Take an amazing VIP Desert Safari Dubai to the Edge of Reality

Take an amazing VIP Desert Safari Dubai to the Edge of Reality

Dubai has the world’s only seven-star luxury hotels, and it is a perfect destination for a VIP desert safari Dubai. You can go for tours to see desert landscapes from the air or on foot. There are also activities planned during your visit to the desert. These activities will help you in getting familiarized with the various places of interest in Dubai, which will be helpful when you head for an actual tour of the city.

Activities to do

The adventurous activities to do in desert safari Dubai include horseback riding through the desert on a camel. You can also go for desert safari Jeep safari, which is a great way to explore the desert. Jeep safari allows you to drive through the rugged terrain of the desert. You can stop and camp during your journey.

Camel Riding through the desert is a unique experience that you will never forget. It is the ideal way to feel like you are on holiday. A well-planned camel trekking trip also allows you to see the natural and man-made attractions in the desert such as waterfalls, water sports, sand dunes and desert vegetation. You will get to see the oasis in the middle of the UAE.

Evening Trip

An evening trip to the UAE’s best night clubs is included in your VIP tour package. You can enjoy cocktails and appetizers while enjoying the beautiful sights of the city. Some of the most popular nightclubs in Dubai include the Paradiso, Club Louis, Club Havana, Club Lemonade and Red Rock Bar. You can choose any of these nightclubs depending on your preference.

Moving out of Dubai to the desert is an adventurous and memorable journey. You will enjoy driving over rocky terrains and experience the cool desert breeze. The drive takes about three hours. It starts from Satwa in the north and ends at Ocotillo in the south. This desert journey is sure to make you realize that this is no ordinary city.

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After visiting the city, you can visit the deserts of the UAE. There are various activities you can enjoy during your stay here including trekking, driving and camping. The Desert Safari offers you the chance to go on Jeep safari. You can also go to desert rafting, hot air ballooning and cycling. You can take part in several adventure sports during your stay in the UAE.

After a day of fun activities, you can take a boat ride to experience the beautiful beaches of UAE. The Tall Ships and the Silversea are the ships you would love to visit. You can try surfing, sailing and water-skiing on this wonderful watercraft. The water sports offer you the opportunity to indulge in different water sports under the guidance of professional instructors.

If you want to spend a quiet day in the city, you can visit the Causeway Hill Country Park. Here, you can have a nice picnic and spend the afternoon learning about nature. The park is situated in Sharjah, the capital city of UAE. The park is very well suited for children.

You should not miss a visit to the Dubai desert. Taking a desert safari to this place will definitely add thrill to your trip. You can spend your entire day sightseeing and take in the sites of Dubai. A desert safari in Dubai gives you the opportunity to view the beautiful mountains and the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Sea. The Raffles Mountain, the Zaer Forest, the Mount Abu and the Mount Nepheline are some of the most popular attractions of the desert safari in Dubai.

One of the most popular desert safaris is camel safari in UAE. The tour consists of a two-day drive to the desert and a day on camels. The tour starts from Al Jamah Mosque and passes through the cities of Satwa, Sharjah and Dubai. During the tour, you will be able to see a variety of wild animals including the ibis, zebra, crocodiles and leopards.

You have the option of staying overnight in the desert. A four-night stay in the hotels will give you the convenience to tour around during the day. On the morning of the fourth day, you will board the camels and drive to Al Hamish.

This desert safari in Dubai includes all the facilities that will take you to the world’s top destinations include VIP Desert Safari Dubai. Dubai Sightseeing tours will provide you with tours to the deserts of Rajasthan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Timurids. The tour also takes you to Kashmir, the Thar Desert, the centre of the Himalayas and China. During your desert safari in Dubai, you will get to explore the enchanting crescent-shaped sand dunes and mountainous terrains of the region. So, when you plan your next Dubai holiday, do not forget to include a desert safari in your plans.

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