Tax Depreciation Things: What Investors Should Do Before Property Renovation

Tax Depreciation is a topic not known to many, so they overlook and sometimes underestimate what it could do. If you are an investor or a property owner, you must be informed that you have privileges to claim. What’s unfortunate is that lots of people do not know that they can get great benefits for their properties because of depreciation. 

After you are well-knowledgeable already about the twists and turns of tax depreciation, its effects on you and the advantages you must be getting, you should know what else is connected to it. Doing so keeps you away from making huge mistakes that will affect you greatly. 

If you haven’t known yet, here’s something you should take note of: depreciation and renovation have a significant relationship makes them affect each other. Deciding to renovate your property eligible for tax depreciation is crucial. Here are some of the things you must do before finalizing a renovation plan! 


You need a tax depreciation schedule before getting your benefits! Before renovation, you need one too! Finally, after it, you need another one, and that time, it has to be new. Of course, changes have been made. You need to update to include the fresh additions. At the same time, you need a tax depreciation schedule after renovation, so that you can also acquire the boons for the new stuff added.


Not all worn-out and seemingly already unpleasant-looking objects in your property are worthy of being thrown away already. Value is not always seen by the naked eye.

They might be are taxable materials, and your quantity surveyor might still determine values for them, and with that, you can still claim your tax reductions! There’s money in some trash, and you would not know if you carelessly throw away whatever!

If you are not certain whether you must throw certain furniture and items at home or in the property with which you have a part, the safest thing to do is to ask a quantity surveyor to work on it to let you know!


Since The Australian Taxation Office’s established boundaries saying under the “ineligible for capital works subtractions” include the properties built before the 18th of July 1985, a common misapprehension is that old properties have no hope for tax depreciation benefits! That’s not completely correct, and you must know that! 

Actually, taxation merits are still allowed for you to obtain for your older properties. These are those that have no fixed age limits, particularly those that fall under plant and equipment category.  

You should not throw out old items. You might not be aware that you’re also trashing great advantages! Be certain that you ask and research first to know which properties can be profitable for you in tax depreciation.

It would be helpful if you consult a reliable quantity surveyor, so they can assist you and scrutinize your property’s site. In that way, you will not be putting to garbage any dear item.



Renovation definitely has enormous effects on your depreciation, so be smart, be wise and don’t hesitate to ask for help from experts.


Nicole Ann Pore writes pieces that cater to people’s need for information regarding business, taxes, investment and financial planning. For many people, there are unknown and unclear things regarding those subjects, so she aims to give light to those that are often not talked about as well. Nicole is a daytime writer for Depreciator, an Australian-based company specializing in Tax Depreciation Schedules. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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