Mobile Applications for Money Management

Top 5 Mobile Applications for Money Management

Are you unable to catch-up with  your expenses and looking for ways you can create and follow a well-managed money management process? Do you think you need an efficient application so that your money management strategies can be digitalized? Well, we will help you in this regard.

Although there are very few people who consider money related discussion as worth doing. Since people in our society hesitate to ask other about their money matters, they can’t discuss ideas to enhance their money management processes. Although students who approach for thesis writing help, especially those who get their assignments done from OBU thesis writing help, are well-aware of each and every money related plan as they have opted finance as their majors.

Many of you might take the lack of money management tactic as stress which in turn affects their long-term health and well-being. With technology being a major source of making your tasks easier and efficient, there has been immense work done on dealing with money management digitally. This article will highlight top 5 money management mobile applications that you should consider:


Since budgeting is one of the most important step while managing your money and planning to save it for you future, is one of the efficient budgeting application that not only offers easy access to investments accounts, but also let you control some budgeting tools.

In case you want to deal with a detailed and a comprehensive budget, Mint allows you to create as many categories and even categorize transactions on your mobile devices. From automating the transactions to be pulled from your bank account or credit card to providing you statistics related to your financial habits, it offers range of services as far as effectual money management is concerned. Even thesis help in Pakistan, in many of the financial projects, have talked to Mint as one of the highly recommended application for people out there.

2.     Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard is one of the user-friendly application that will not help you with proficient money management, but also allows you to know how you can save from your regular spending. With the help of accounts syncing feature, Pocket-guard will monitor your spending and the results can later be used to enhance your budget building process.

In addition to guiding you with your budgeting, the application identifies your expenditure trends on monthly basis, monitor individual bills and help save your money for future use. So, if your job retirement is coming in sometime soon, you do not have to worry if you have PocketGuard installed in your mobile phone on devices.

3.     Personal Capital

One of the most used application among the money saving enthusiasts, Personal Capital allows you to monitor and keep a track of your budget and provide some useful information about your investments accounts. Whether you use it on  your phone, tablet, laptop, its user friendly interface allows you to manage your activities and help you take keen interest in your money matters.

Whether you want to read your investment account, individual investments or study your investment graphs via asset class, Personal Capital makes it easy for the users to track their performances and take respective measures to enhance your money managing strategies. Most of the professional writers on OBU thesis Pakistan, in their thesis,  have talked about this application in terms of providing a holistic view of your financial records. So, students who go for online  thesis writing help and chosen finance management as their topic must not neglect the features of this application.

4.     Good Budget

Providing the users the concept of envelope budgets, Good Budget is another useful application when it comes to budgeting your expenses and understanding your income. It will get you 10 envelopes for free ut once upgraded on Plus, you will be offered unlimited envelopes per month for just $6. One of the advantage of this application that makes it stand apart from other is the feature of creating shred budget in a particular household. Thus, make sure you have this application installed! And it doesn’t matter if you have Android or iPhone, it is compatible with all!

5.     YNAB

YNAB (You Need  A Budget) is another interesting application that will surely motivate you to maintain a healthy money saving procedure. Since the application encourage you to plan ahead of time and help you determine where you money goes, you don’t have to worry about planning for a vacation or paying your utility bills. Its bank account syncing and setting up financial goals feature is also appreciable.


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