TRAVEL LOVE: 8 Things Both the Couple Should Agree on When Going for a Romantic Getaway

Going on an exciting travel, trip and romantic getaway is part of the “#CoupleGoals” of many today. It is undeniable that people are most often busy with work, family and other responsibilities that spending special time with your wife or husband can already be a rare thing. That’s why when you got the chance, you surely want every part of it to be perfect, excellent and beautifully memorable! 

While it’s full of fun and glee, preparing and being there at the moment can be a bit stressful if there are things you cannot decide on together. It’s not favorable as well if you are already a day before the occasion, yet you are still undecided with some important things. Planning and preparation are highly essential, and these are areas where couples have a hard time because of many different ideas.

With that being said, below are 8 things both you and your wife or husband must agree on when going for a romantic getaway. Along with them are tips for you make things work out better and as set up! 


There’s somewhere you want to go together. Most of the time, before actually deciding that you will go on a trip, you are eyeing on a particular place which could be a country or a local travel spot. You must have a certain target place that both of you are interested in. It would be best if it’s a dream place for the both of you on an extraordinary day. In that way, you wouldn’t find it hard to choose.

If you do not have a particular place in mind, it would also be very helpful if you look up on the Internet a list of romantic travel destinations and top places for couples to go. There are tons of results you will get, and it would be aidful for your indecisiveness. Additionally, both of you can search for them in your own time, thus, each can have a personal look at the getaway places and give your suggestions.

When both of you have already agreed on the main location, then you’re good to look at other factors for arrangements. 


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What do you want to do? It’s essential that you talk about the things you want to experience and adventures you want to take on during your romantic vacation! Do you want a calm relaxation in a luxury accommodation? Or do you prefer an exhilarating adventure in the woods? That’s up to you!

You must be mindful about this part because needless to say, it will distinguish what kind of couple getaway you will be having. Since it’s expectedly a precious time for a busy couple to spend such, you must use up every second productively and in the nicest way achievable! 

Is your wife afraid of heights? Is your husband into extreme water sports? What challenging adventures are you both willing to engage in? Discuss about that beforehand if possible, so you will have an easier and more convenient time when you are already there at your destination. 


Most distinctly if you have an overnight couple vacation or anniversary trip (or more than a day), the place where you’re staying in is significant. You should plan if you want to stay in a luxury accommodation for your romantic getaway, or in the more affordable yet cosy and clean ones! This will help you in setting your budget as well. 

It’s true that for couples in love, where you stay wouldn’t actually matter, but for this special time, of course, you at least have to make full efforts in making every part agreeable and pleasant for both of you.  


Even on regular days, you and your husband or wife surely find it difficult to choose where to eat; sometimes, you even get into a fight with each other because of it. That’s because it seems easy, but it’s actually one of the hardest things to settle on. It would help a lot for you to initially look for eating places like restaurants and coffee shops within and near your destination. That is if you do not want to buy the expensive meals from the hotel. 

You should also talk if you want to bring some homemade snacks! It’s not just for budget-attentiveness but also for an even more personal romantic getaway!


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If you have your private car to visit a local destination, it would be much easier, however, if you don’t, you will need to carefully plot your transportation routes and means. 

Sometimes, there are group travel deals with transportation inclusions. That would be cheaper, but of course, downsides include not completely having control of your time. You can also rent a vehicle to directly bring you to your vacation spot! At the very least, you can also commute which is obviously more stressful, but talk about making it work out if it’s your choice!


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Your budget is the major element in going for a couple getaway whatever the event is, wherever you plan to do it and whenever it will be! Without proper finances, it’s impossible for you to make the most out of luxurious couple travel you want. Moreover, even with the cheapest travel plan, there’s still a budget to consider. 

It is a must that you decide on it with the destination rates, accommodation prices, food expenses, transportation fees and other miscellaneous needs and payables! You might think that it’s just about enjoying, but it’s not. Money can stress you out, so organize your budget ahead of time.


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You cannot go on a travel together if your schedules do not fit, especially if both of you are employed or handling a business. Preparing for this remarkable time, you must not forget to set your schedules perfectly fitting in your plans.

Your personal calendars must be well-marked. Choose the most convenient and comfortable date for the both of you when no work and no other responsibility will suffer. Clearly check if you have any commitments and appointments that come into collision within your final travel dates. Ensure that you have looked into every part of your calendar before setting when your romantic getaway would be. 


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It’s lovely when you will be mutually enjoying the trip the both of you worked hard in planning out! Approve on the division of tasks. Who will book the hotel? Who will call the vehicle renting company? Who will send an inquiry to the adventure park? These could be “small” things when you just read, but they’re not when you are already there in your destination. These little stuff do big things in making you productive and orderly. 

Assign the tasks needed to be accomplished. Especially when you are both busy, there are things which you might overlook and forget about. That’s why having a helping hand and a mind as knowledgeable about the things to do as yours will lessen the troubles. In the first place, you’re a couple there together to help each other. 



When things are planned carefully, prepared mindfully and talked about peacefully, you will definitely have an amazing romantic getaway! These things take time, but it’s for the best one yet!

AUTHOR : Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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