UK SHOPPING: 3 Malls to Stop By In Nottingham

Traveling involves going on adventures, eating, taking photos, going to historical places, spending time in tourist spots, seeing legendary landmarks and many more! You can make your own to-do-list, and forget not your travel bucket list! 

And at the end of your whole travel, why not shop? Yes, shopping is also another awesome thing to do during your travel. That’s how you get the “imported” stuff, right? At the same time, it’s for you to buy souvenirs. Also, you can check out how different the malls are in different countries.

Nottingham in the United Kingdom is considered “Queen of the Midlands”. Well, it’s not queen for nothing! A lot of expensive stuff can be bought from Nottingham; on the other hand, cheap and affordable purchases are available! What actually matters is that you bought it in Nottingham, for a reasonable price and for a meaningful purpose. In that way, you’re not wasting any money.

One of the ways to be sure that you’re buying from establishments you can trust is to buy in shopping malls. Whether you’re staying in a hotel or serviced apartment in Nottingham, it would be preferable and beneficial if you choose a location that’s near resources such as malls. To help you do some research on that. You can see these 3 malls in Nottingham where you must drop by!

intu Broadmarsh


If you’re talking about big names in the industry of shopping, one on the list is intu Broadmarsh. Originally, it was called Broadmarsh in 1972, then it became The Broadmarsh Centre.  In 2013, the name intu Broadmarsh was given after rebranding. 

It’s impossible that locals have not heard of intu Broadmarsh yet! That would be an actual joke, especially if you’re talking about natives of the city. intu Broadmarsh is very famous as within it are also the UK’s top-rate, most celebrated brands! Be it in-stores or online services, intu Broadmarsh is not going last!

Slightly to the south of the centre of Nottingham, intu Broadmarsh is very much accessible. No hassle, no stress, you can arrive conveniently. What awaits is a party of shops you’ve always wanted to see and visit personally.

You can eat, relax and shop. “Boring” is not in intu Broadmarsh’s vocabulary. Inside are pleasurable features and entertainment that will keep you busy and interested!

The Exchange

Source – Good Free Photos

Shopping while art watching? Say no more. The Exchange got your back! 

The Exchange, situated in High Street, has been at the heart of Nottingham retailing for more than eight decades! Today, it has been improved and preserved to continually be a home for quality products and brands from Nottingham itself! You can buy your jewellery and clothes; perfect for fashionista travelers! 

Inside the city’s historic Council House, you’ll get that fab and fun shopping experience in The Exchange. It actually is a speciality shopping venue with luxuriant stores. You can count on 20 stores that will make you happy; just make sure your wallets are ready! 

Without a doubt, it is an astonishing building that comes with mesmerizing dome. What’s more, even if you’ll just pop in a visit to see the astounding architecture, no one would care much! Appreciate the building and rest. No problem!

You should not skip The Exchange in Nottingham. It’s going to be one of the best establishment views you will see in this city! Even the decorations of the building illustrate Nottingham’s dear history. The fact the even in a mall setting, they display a sense of heritage just proves that they indeed honor Nottingham great contribution and role in the country!

Buy your stuff, and don’t forget to take your cameras out and click some awesome shots to bring home. Of course, have your own photo taken too! It’s going to be a glamorous thing to recall!


Source – Nottingham Post

In the Off Old Market Square is a place where up-to-date fashion, beauty and home necessities are featured and sold for people’s needs and wants! It’s the Primark! 

You will notice that it’s a busy store, but that just shows it’s one trusted and good-quality mall to shop in. Long lines are visible, and that explains people’s preference for it.

There are agreeable options of garments, homeware, hygiene needs and many more to find in Primark! If you’re a tourist staying for some weeks in Nottingham, you should know that Primark exists! Products are priced without pain to your wallet!

What’s even more advantageous and amazing is that Primark knows people’s interests. They don’t become last and outdated! They always keep up, and people can get to the trends without taking out money eyes closed! 

You won’t have a hard time when it comes to public transport links. That’s one pleasing boon!

The first Primark was built in 1969 in Dublin with its name “Penneys”. It’s heartwarming to discover that today, Primark has above 370 stores across America and Europe.



For a time to relax, see the sights and buy stuff for your loved ones, go shop in Nottingham! 


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Nottingham, serviced apartments providing a fitting alternative to a traditional hotel stay for all kinds of guests and guest needs. Travel and lifestyle make up a big portion of what she mostly writes about. For her, the beauty of this world is worth-sharing and appreciating.

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