Walking Through Dublin: 6 Places to Witness Spectacular Dublin Street Art

Art is so vast and limitless that it can be anything the artist says it is. Moreover, it can be wherever the artist places it. Literally, it can be in any spot your eyes land on and your feet step on. Street art is the perfect illustration of saying art can be wherever it is. 

Several places around the globe has street art as a special and valued part of their culture. It has not only been a decoration that people can see along the road, in alleys and basically in streets. It is also an avenue where artists express themselves and shout out a message they want to convey through huge and loud art, not hidden on sketch pads and drawing books but hugely displayed out there where people walk and do life. 

One of the cities in Ireland having an exceptional collection of street art within its walls is Dublin–the Irish capital itself. Where can you see those masterpieces? In numerous walls, spaces and buildings! You might just be spending time in cafes, restaurants, clothes shops, museums, parks and accommodation in Dublin without knowing awesome street art surrounds you! 

When you travel to Dublin, it’s going to be a great experience to see with your own eyes the stunning street art in the city. Below are 6 famous spots of street art in Dublin. 

[1] Pimlico Butterfly


This one’s not on walls or buildings but on an electrical box in Pimlico. At first, you would think it’s a simple designed box or boulder along the street, but it’s actually a fuse box. It’s very catchy since it is placed uniquely where there are no other art behind it, thus, the live background of green trees and grass emphasizes it. 

Of course, since it’s still a dangerous box, the warning outside of it is never forgotten. It will just make you think about how contradicting the message is to the painting on it.

[2] The City Is My Garden

Photo source: Entertainment.ie

Located outside Arnotts is a mural by Maser. It is The City Is My Garden with a combination of fun vibrant colors. This is connected to his research on botanics and their role in human health, so they are not just merely bright colored walls. 

[3] Subset Portrait

Photo source: Irish Mirror 

This is a street art that will make you wonder whether it’s printed or painted. Well, it’s the latter! Amazing as it is, this portrait was created by Subset, a group that has made its way under the spotlight of Dublin street art! 

Looking at the artwork above, you can feel something deep from how the person’s eyes are drawn, looking like they shine. The hairs from his beard are so delicately painted; it looks like you can touch them with your own hands and comb your hand over them as if they’re real. You can feel a certain emotion just by looking at it. That’s how realistic the piece is. Even from afar, you would not immediately believe that it’s not a photo but a painting.

The Smithfield locale is where Subset’s works are mainly done and seen. Their themes revolve around photorealistic portraits of musicians and of ordinary individuals. 

[4] Stop Wars

Photo source: Golem13

In Francis Street is a witty street art that actually drops a very important message although it’s short. Instead of “Star Wars”, it’s Stop Wars. It’s funny at first, and you will think that it’s a really clever idea, but it’s more than just that. The message is to stop wars and start peace, and that’s it. This mural was created by Fink. 

[5] Lane Love

Photo source: Flickr_William Murphy

If you love love, visit Lane Love for its lovely street art! It is very colorful and sweet as the tiles are available for anybody to write on. You can go there, and write something for your loved one! 

You will see endearing and eccentric works that breathe life to the walls. The woman behind this is Anna Doran. With love letters to Dublin, words of famous writers and witty statements, she sprinkled creativity and bliss in this laneway. Not to mention, Doran’s work is basically centered on her love for bold patterns and colors.

[6] Born to Create

Photo source: Day Tours

When you go to Dublin, you shouldn’t just look for art where they typically seem to be found. They can be in corners you never expected they can be in. What’s more, they can be in the spots considered to be most unpleasant! 

Just take a look at this Born to Create street art. If you look at the surroundings, it’s not very likeable, but even those huge trash cans were used as part of the art. They were also sprained with paint, making them match the painting at the back with the impression of splattered paint.


Definitely, Ireland is proud of its capital’s beauty, not just in the astonishing heritage centres, first-rate and luxury hotels in Dublin, but also in its simplest and busiest streets and neighborhood. This just shows how something plain can be transformed into something incredible! Old and dirty walls can be a canvass that everyone, both locals and tourists, stop, take a look at and, of course, click a camera to. 

Dublin’s street art forms a long list, and the above-mentioned are just 6 of them. When you travel to Dublin, catch these cool street art, and have a unique and creative trip!


Travel and lifestyle make up a big portion of what Nicole Ann Pore mostly writes about. Moreover, she writes for PREMIER SUITES PLUS Dublin Leeson Street. For her, the beauty of this world is worth-sharing and appreciating. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. 

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