What is Financial Advisor and How to choose one?

Managing every aspect of life from personal to business life, financial status, and financial need plays an important role in all aspects. Not all the financial services are the same, it varies accordingly.

Need for Financial Advisor:

Financial services are complex when it comes to investment, saving, mutual investment, trade, and comfortable retirement. Many of us don’t have required knowledge in financial assistance in such case we need to find a financial advisor on our investment plan.

Similarly in case of deciding big investments like home, education, wedding, maternity, child education, a major illness, death of a spouse, etc. we probably wondered about finding the best financial advisor for the same. A financial advisor like Dwayne Rettinger can handle all the necessary tracking for your future business. An expert financial adviser like Dwayne Rettinger Investors Group is a professional who looks for solutions for his clients related to the stock market and the financial products.

Types of Financial Advisor:

Not all financial advisors are the same, many specializations are available. The financial advisor helps the investor based on his income and financial needs.

Financial advisors help the clients in income levels, investment strategies, bonding investment, need of a client, retirement plan, the tax levied investments, etc. Based on their client requirements, the financial advisor advises privileged customers.

These advisors help to manage your family expenses, personal expenses, business life, or simply advise you the directions of investment.

Finding the best financial advisor for you:

There are three main types of financial advisors: Robo-advisor, online financial planning services, and traditional financial services.

Online financial planning services:

Online financial planning services are related to Robo-advisor plan, it helps in finding the best financial advisor through online and you can have a clear chat over through online chat and video conference.

The customer can get a clear virtual financial planning option through this online financial planning service. They give clear guidance on a financial plan and give an update periodically.

The online service company offer investment management scheme and rules to their clients at the same time they assign a dedicated advisor to the client and build an investment portfolio for better understanding and regular updates.


Robo-advisor is a low cost and easy entry financial advisor scheme which is a purely online service that manages an investment portfolio through online with the help of computer and internet.

The customer care is available to give support on offer, services and advises regarding investment management. The primary access to this Robo-advisor is investment planning and not financial planning.

Benefits of Robo-advisor:

It is good for a plan of investment after retirement. Robo-advisors are typically great in helping out the investing plan’s correctly for your goals.

Robo-advisor cost is more affordable than any other financial services.

It serves well when you need virtual access to a financial advisor and a better holistic plan for your financial management. It helps in handling self-employment taxes, estate planning, etc.

Traditional financial advisors:

There are different types of specialists available on financial management. But a certified financial planner is unique who meets CFP certification with best experience and testing. These type of financial advisors are called traditional financial advisors. They work professionally.

It costs higher than the other two financial advisors. It is preferred when you need specialized services or when the situation is complex.

Find the best type of advisor for your financial need and make a confirmed choice which is right for you. Happy Investing!

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