What's the Difference Between Leadership and Management?

What’s the Difference Between Leadership and Management?

Well honestly speaking, leadership and management might sound similar to many of you but they are not the same. Leadership is a completely different subject than management as both of them involve varying disciplines that are required in daily life. Leadership includes leading others in the right way to success. Motivating others is a key factor in leadership. Without proper leadership, it is not possible to achieve success. Whereas management is something else, it is the art of managing things well and getting it done through others. Although both leadership and management are interconnected, we will explain the differences in today’s article.

Major differences are that management is a formal and organized oriented thing whereas leadership deals with both the formal and informal categories. Without leadership, management is not possible.

What does Leadership Mean?

Leadership requires a “whatever it takes” mentality to direct your associates or followers and influencing them towards achieving that important goal or objective to ensure growth and success. It is a quality which should come from the inside. Not everyone can be a good leader. It is a self-generation process. A leader is considered as that door of light for many people who follow him and his actions to make a change in their own lives. Jeff Bezos, Richard Warke  and others are some good example of such a leader. Vancouver based Richard Warke is a well known name in the mining field who has built several successful mining companies with more than 25 years of experience in the international resource sector. Leadership can make a lot of sense. Leadership isn’t only left to an individual, it can be organizational too. Say there are many competitors in a market trying to hold it. When an organization beats its nemesis in the competition then it can be said that they took the lead over other respective competitors. A leader is selected based on his experience and quality.

What does Management Mean?

Management is a different concept though management is a major element of leadership. The word management can be broken into five different meanings, (man) (age) (men) t where t stands for technique. Incorporating it all puts sense into management. It shows the techniques used by a man to manage persons that are men of varying age groups and making them work together to achieve a common goal.

What is the Difference Then?

Management and Leadership both are important tools for reaching success. However, both have their specialties. Leadership works with motivation and encouragement of others whereas management involves exercising proper control over others. Leadership also requires faith and trust whereas management requires skills. Leadership ensures a change whereas management brings stability. Both of them have their own set of differences that makes a change in an organization.


Management and leadership both have their set of skills used for reaching a common goal. They have a different set of disciplines that needs to be followed to get the best out of it. Management can be exercised to learn but leadership is a self-generation process.

I hope this article covers all your curiosity about the difference between management and leadership and helps you to learn the difference. It is a vast subject and requires your utmost concentration to be understood.

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