White Knight Supply Has Soft Gun Cases for Sale

Hard gun cases definitely come in handy for a whole lot of reasons, depending on the situation. If you happen to be transporting one of your black rifles that has 8 pounds of fragile accessories screwed onto the rails, then there’s no surprise why a hard gun case is your go-to in pretty much all scenarios.

Similarly, guns with exposed hammers, fragile components, optics or other accessories that are prone to being jarred or broken can really benefit from being carried around gingerly in one of those space-age hard gun cases. Some of them offer the user pick-apart foam that you can easily make a nearly perfectly tailored recess for your firearm, whether it’s an AR-15 or a flintlock with a full stock.

Even if the firearm you transport isn’t particularly fragile, some of those hard gun cases offer enough other benefits to make them the most viable or at least the most desirable solution. Some of them are waterproof and some are even fully airproof, making them highly rust-resistant as well. That also makes them a safeguard in the event of a flood.

It doesn’t end there – many of them are nearly crush-proof, and almost every hard gun case on the market can be locked to secure your firearms during transportation or even in storage. In a lot of ways, a hard gun case is a great solution for transportation or for short term storage.

Here’s the trade-off. Many hard gun cases – and truly, even the most affordable models – are generally fairly expensive. That doesn’t mean that they are expensive, but they definitely are significantly more so than pretty much any of the Soft Gun Cases For Sale that you will find.

If you’re considering an alternative to the expensive and inconvenient of bulkier hard gun cases, looking for soft gun cases for sale is basically the best option. Consider the following scenario, which is a decided divergence from the previous circumstances we described.

Let’s say that you’re taking your old 870 or 500 out to the field to dust some clays and it’s a short ride down the road from home. That 870 or 500 has very few exposed moving parts and is just about as sturdy as a bar of iron. Various independent tests have shown their resilience, even in the face of abuse. If you’re just taking the old pump gun out for some practice before pheasant season opens, a soft gun case is more than adequate protection for short term transportation in nearly all situations.

It doesn’t mean you don’t hold a special place in your heart for that old shotgun – it just means the gun is more than tough enough to handle transportation in a soft shotgun case. So as you can see, there are plenty of times when soft gun cases might a more practical option for transportation.

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