Why use Pass-through Desiccators in Laboratory?

A laboratory has so many requirements. Each component in a laboratory has its own function and its own specialty.  For every separate experiments the apparatus used should be clean and dirt free. The chemicals used during every experiment should be properly used. But not every chemical is same. Some are more sensitive than other to the environment. They cannot be kept in normal environment, instead they need special care. Pass-through desiccators are made for such situations.

What are pass-through desiccators?

The first question which arises on hearing the name is what are pass-through desiccators? Pass-through desiccators are facilities or boxes which are tightly enclosed structures. The reason for them to be tightly enclosed is that they do not allow any moisture content to enter the structure.

Why are pass-through desiccators used?

There comes the big question, why are pass-through desiccators used in a laboratory? As mentioned earlier there are some chemicals in a laboratory which are really sensitive to the environment and they needed to be handled with utmost care. For such chemicals pass-through desiccators are.

The basic role of a pass-through desiccator is that they maintain low moisture content inside the Desiccator Cabinet. Hence they protect the highly moisture sensitive chemicals from getting spoiled. In a laboratory it is very important to preserve such chemicals. If not handled properly then these chemicals can cause a lot of damage to the lab.


Application of pass-through desiccators               

Pass-through desiccators have a great and important role to play in a laboratory.

  1. Preserving the highly reacting substance is not the only work which these enclosed compartments do. There is so much more to them. Let’s have a look at some other applications of a pass-through desiccator in a laboratory.
  2. In a cleanroom these pass-through desiccators are of great importance. Pass-through desiccators are used to transfer supplies from one room to another room. Have you ever thought of that? That is an amazing use of a pass-through desiccator. These exchanges are done mainly between rooms with varying or different pressure. This technique is less expensive, rather than constructing separate entry and exit for each room.
  3. Pass-through desiccators are made with internal plenum. This helps in the distribution of process gas even and efficient. The process gas can be distributed among the chambers uniformly.
  4. Pass-through desiccators made from stainless steel are also useful in many ways. They lower the humidity content inside the chambers and helps in preserving and protecting the chemicals from getting spoiled.

Hence the main use of a pass-through desiccator in laboratory is to prevent moisture sensitive components in a lab from reacting it with the environmental water. The type of chemicals which reacts which moisture contents are known as hygroscopic reactants. They are so sensitive against water that even a small amount of water can trigger the reaction in them.

So it is very much necessary and mandatory to treat these chemical compounds carefully before using. A desiccator is thus a very important equipment in a laboratory.

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